Mama Mia!

Big news from Finnland, today, dear readers!
Finn’s been working on “talking”, by mimicking us, hooteling, and practicing different sounds. Carol, our babysitter, has been trying to get him familiar with “mama” and “dada” lately, and…drumroll please…Today while Carol and I were “talking” to him in the crib, he said “mama”! Twice! And very distinctly!
Now I realize that he may not associate that word with me, but I have to say, it was absolutely thrilling to hear it come out of his mouth. Now I’m obsessed with trying to coax him into saying it again!
[Man, I feel left out! I missed the alleged utterance (though I could hear something going on in the other room), but in any case, I now have to work on getting Finn into his “Dada-ist” phase! –J.]

One reply on “Mama Mia!”

A profound moment indeed. Next, after dada, should be some variation on grandma/pa.
I wonder how he’ll deal with “Auntie Alethea”?!?!?

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