Cutting to the Chase

I’ve been adding more and more items to Finn’s diet, since he seems keenly interested in all things edible. He is always lunging for our food, and since that’s not really an option (tortilla chips anyone? How ’bout an apple or cup of hot tea?), I figure I can at least start offering some more advanced baby-friendly chow than he’s been eating. I’d be getting a little weary of pureed everything if I were him.
Yesterday he got to try some Yo Baby banana yogurt, as well as some Cheerios. I, of course, was trying to get Finn to pluck the Cheerios out of my hand with his fingers…practicing his fine motor skills and all. Yeah, well that lasted for about 2 Cheerios and then our boy just cut right to the chase. Leaned over and stuck his open mouth right on top of my palm, hoovering up the few remaining Cheerios with gusto. Take that, pincer grasp! It was absolutely hilarious.

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