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Adventures In Thanksgiving

We sure had a lot of fun this Thanksgiving weekend! My folks (the Jeeps L) were in town to pay a visit to our man Finny. As you can see in the accompanying photos (HTML), good times were had by all. Finn gave a hearty thumbs up to all the Thanksgiving fare–he’s a big fan of the stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, and especially the pumpkin pie. He actually got a bit huffy when Grandpa or I was a little slow on delivering the spoonfuls of delicious pie to his mouth.
In addition to tons of smiles, laughs, and general good times, the Jeeps were lucky enough to witness Finny’s first unassisted steps! On Saturday and Sunday he had a few short sprints of three to six steps all on his own. Very impressive, and he met our bet that he’d be walking by 9 months.
Finn’s quite a charmer when it comes to his grandparents, and we can’t wait for him to see his other set of Jeeps (the Nacks) when they come after Christmas.

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Congratulations on the big announcement. Get all the sleep you can because it will be totally different with two–but fun.

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