Funky Ducks!

Finn has been *really* interested in ducks lately. Pretty much any kind of bird that appears in his picture books gets called “duck.” Even things that have nothing to do with birds get the duck treatment! We thought it would be fun to take Finn to a park where he could see real live ducks, and make the connection with what we see in his books.
We were sort of successful, in that we did see at least 3 actual ducks. Mostly we saw Canadian geese, though. Since Finn’s not old enough to split hairs on ducks vs. geese, we just called them all ducks. (I even had to explain to John that the little black duck-like birds we saw were terns, not ducks.) Anyway, here are some pictures (HTML) from our onshore adventures at the park.

One reply on “Funky Ducks!”

Ok, that Finn-dimple is getting more dangerous by the day. SOOOO cute.
[Heh heh. Yesterday I taught him (partially, anyway) to drink from a water fountain, and I couldn’t really see how much was going into his mouth as the cheeks were blocking my view. 🙂 –J.]

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