Tri(-Syllabic) This On For Size

Finno is exploring language like mad. He’s recently learned to say “Toot toot!” when hearing a train in the distance; he beeps along with trucks backing up; and he offers a commanding impression of Harley Davidsons rumbling by.
Now he’s trying to move into three-syllabled territory. Current projects:

  • Domendite: Our silly word for toes. Finn likes to start poking my shoes insistently while trying to loosen the laces, saying “Domen, domen!” The “-dite” part is now getting clearer.
  • Polkabats: We enjoy reading about these crazy creatures “dropping smelly polka-turds on people down below.”
  • Poop Robot: The little guy A) wears robot PJs, and B) loves to eat dried fruit. How ’bout we just leave it at that?
  • Mahna Mahna!: A crazy old Muppet song provides much distracting entertainment on car trips.

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