A Cheekful Sequel!

We got another good look at El Segundo this week via ultrasound. The doc wanted to see exactly how big he is (since I’m the size of a barn already!). After the ultrasound tech took the requisite measurements, we got to take a tour and see our little guy in action. The tech remarked on how big his cheeks look–just like his brother’s!
Seems as if our little guy is playing tricks with the time-space contiuum…although I am supposedly 30 weeks along, he measures up closer to 32 weeks! Maybe this means he’ll come a little early (please!), or maybe it just means he’s going to be *huuuuuuuuge* by the time he gets here. Either way we’re really looking forward to meeting him! Until then, here is a little gallery (HTML) of ultrasonic glamour shots.

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