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A Cheekful Sequel!

We got another good look at El Segundo this week via ultrasound. The doc wanted to see exactly how big he is (since I'm the size of a barn already!). After the ultrasound tech took the requisite measurements, we got to take a tour and see our little guy in action. The tech remarked on how big his cheeks look--just like his brother's!
Seems as if our little guy is playing tricks with the time-space contiuum...although I am supposedly 30 weeks along, he measures up closer to 32 weeks! Maybe this means he'll come a little early (please!), or maybe it just means he's going to be *huuuuuuuuge* by the time he gets here. Either way we're really looking forward to meeting him! Until then, here is a little gallery (HTML) of ultrasonic glamour shots.

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  1. More airbag-style cachetes on sight!

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