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F-16: Waiting for Gundo(t)

July 2, 2009: Finn turns 16 months old! Hard to believe, and even harder to believe that El Segundo’s arrival could be any day now. We keep waiting for “Gundo” and he keeps teasing me with phony contractions, but has made no definitive moves towards his big entrance.
Meanwhile, Finny keeps picking up new words every day. New ones include “handle”, “eagle”, “hanger”, “ice”, “antenna”, and “Beetle” (re: our neighbor’s vintage VW bug). He’s decided he likes watermelon, and he tried a dill pickle today and surprisingly, liked it a great deal. He really hammed it up when he made his “pickle face,” but kept on asking for more!
Yesterday, Finn went on a bender about “BrokenHam!”, careening around saying it over and over, and cracking up in the process. He and Dad would take turns shouting “BrokenHam!” and giggling. Turns out, he was referring to Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, which he’s been enjoying. How it became broken, I do not know, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.
The sprinkler and garden hose antics continue. Finn has gone through a couple outfits per day due to his interest in the garden hose and the new spray nozzle we got for it. He basically points it at his face and tries to get a drink from it, so you can imagine how quickly he gets soaked from head to toe. He’s also taken to hosing down the Cozy Coupe–gotta keep your ride clean, man!
Here’s a little compendium of photos (HTML) from the past week or two–including piggy-back rides, attempts at jumping, visits from friends, and neighborhood expeditions.

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