Fourth of July: More Bubbles Than Booms

Well, our nation’s birthday came and went without becoming El Segundo’s birthday, so we can’t report any fireworks on that front. We did have a lovely day with the Finnster, however, including:

  • Banging away on our neighbor’s truck, dropping a severed antenna repeatedly into a hole (“BOOM!”)
  • Learning the letter “W” (gleefully pronounced “DoubleYOOOuu!”) in the course of inspecting/washing mom’s VW
  • Discovering hot dogs (“Meat!”) and kazoos during a neighborhood toy store’s little concert (featuring cascading bubbles)
  • Dining with pals at our friend Julieanne’s house, where “Hoot” (Hughes) remained a person of great fascination. 🙂

Here’s our little gallery (HTML) from the day.

One reply on “Fourth of July: More Bubbles Than Booms”

Was the dangling baby picture in honor of Michael Jackson? 🙂
Looks like a ton of fun!
I leave for the Galapagos Islands on Thursday and by the time I come back, you’ll have a new person living with you. So wonderful! I hope everything goes well and I’ll be thinking about you.
Wow! The Galapagos! Have fun–we will have some new wildlife of our own by the time you return!-M

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