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Baby Fruit

Well, we've had no real news from our little amigo-to-be, but Margot went in for acupuncture today, hoping to get the show on the road. Apparently this approach worked for our friend Alex, and Margot reports getting a few good kicks during the goings on. Largely, though, the wait continues.
Meanwhile, Finny and I found some "baby fruit" during a walk through the neighbors' yard. We took home one "little guy" plus one "little bitty guy," both of which you can see us holding (HTML). We look forward to introducing our little guy to our little bitty guy soon enough!

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  1. Congratulations Margot and John, also Finn. So happy all is well and you have a darling little boy. From the pictures he looks just like Finn.
    The Nack name should be carried on into the next generation with all the boys. Samantha still remains the only girl, which she does not mind!!!
    Love to all.
    Dolores and Louie

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