Hungry Hungry Henry

Henry has embarked upon his 12-week growth spurt with a vengeance, and he is taking me along as prisoner…figuratively shackled to his hungry mouth and growing little pot belly, slave to his wakefulness. We are on day 2 of innumerable and frequent feedings, and (I kid you not) exactly 37-minute naps. About four 37-minute naps per day so far. Ugh.
I’ve abandoned trying to do anything productive until we’re through this phase since I only get short breaks every couple hours. So far the good news is that his night sleep is still good so I do get a break then. And I happily admit that he is becoming much more animated and alert when he’s awake. His little hands are busy swatting at nearby objects, and his eyes sparkle when he starts cooing and making conversation with us.
I’m glad he’s a healthy little guy and is interested in being a more participative member of the family. I’ll just be glad when we’re back to decent napping so Mom-o can regain her grip on things!

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