A Visit From Auntie Laura

Mom-o’s sister Laura is visiting while Dad-o is off with the boys on a trip to Death Valley (an annual pilgrimage to partake in all things macho and dusty). We are having a good time with the boys, cramming in some girl-time after the guys go to sleep.
Auntie Laura is a big hit with Mr. Finn. She has been showering him with gifts–Thomas-related toys handed down from cousin Charlie, Halloween costumes from Charlie and Patrick, and some fun Spider Man plates, utensils, and a placemat to make eating even more of an adventure :D. Finn’s favorite toy so far is the “Jungle Blocks!”–some jungle-themed plastic blocks that come with their own plastic waterfall, and most importantly, their own CAVE! (“Kinda Dark!” exclaims Finny, while putting the lion and monkey in the cave.) He has dubbed some of the cylindrical blocks “smokestacks” based on his recently acquired knowledge of steam engines.
We are finally catching a break with Mr. Henry when it comes to naps. Yesterday he had 2 really long naps, after over a week of 30- or 40-minute ones. Whew. So he’s better rested, and Mom-o is a little more relaxed as well.
Laura and Finny are in the backyard “fixing” the Cozy Coupe with Finny’s ever-present toy pliers while I catch up on some domestic stuff–like dishes and blog entries!

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