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Pumpkin Patchin’ With the Boys

While Grandma Nack was here this week, we visited a local pumpkin patch with the boys. Henry was asleep for most of it, but at least he was dressed festively in his orange hat :D. Finn, on the other hand, was quite alert, and really enjoyed the small petting zoo that was set up at the patch. He was pretty taken with the turkeys, goats, piglets, and bunny rabbits. Here is a little gallery (HTML) of the afternoon’s proceedings. We ended up with four pumpkins, two large and two tiny, to be our family doppel-gourds on the front porch.
[Just for fun, here’s the gallery from last year’s visit. What a tiny Finnster we had! –J.]

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Those boys couldn’t be any cuter if they tried! Same outfit as last year, eh John? Are they the official pumpkin patch duds? 🙂
I believe the jeans J is wearing are actually different than last year! :D–M.

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