Micronaxx The adventures of Finn & Henry


My pacifier goes “Reeka-Reeka-Reeka…”

Fair warning: This is one of those Videos Where Nothing Happens, but we find it kind of charming anyway. Henry is a real innovator when it comes to his pacifier, treating it like a sandwich. Behold the noisy, Nutcracker-tinged munching:


Sack of Potatoes

Grandpa Liggett gets in some good, impromptu weightlifting courtesy of one jubilant sack of potatoes:


Some new blogging mojo

Do not attempt to adjust your computer monitors! 🙂

We're making some adjustments to the appearance of the blog--formerly "Finnegan Wakes," with the new official title to be determined; we want our man Henry to feel welcome, too!  The new blog address is http://www.jnack.com/micronaxx in case you want to update your bookmarks, though we've set up an automatic forward from http://www.jnack.com/finnegan.  It may take a little time for things to settle down, but hopefully you won't run into any problems.  If you have any trouble or see things that look wrong, please let us know.


Local Engineer Survives Monkey Attack!

To say that Grandma & Grandpa Liggett's gifts of a Thomas the Tank Engine play hut and sock-monkey slippers are a hit is just a wee bit of an understatement. Finn now more or less insists on being addressed as/referring to himself as "Engineer," and he wakes up talking about "Monkey shoe attack!" Check out a typical session:


Snackin’ with Henry Nack

The time has come, the time is now...Henry's on the cusp of turning 6 months old, so now's the time to start him on solid food. Today he dined on the always popular but not very delicious rice cereal. He's definitely interested in getting it into his mouth, but not yet very good at keeping it there. Here's a little
gallery (HTML) of his epicurean antics.
And just for old times sake, here's Finny's foray into solids from August '08.