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Exploring Yosemite

“Not to denigrate your photography skills,” Margot said last week, “but it’s kinda hard to take a bad picture around here.” She’s right: Yosemite is ridiculously picturesque & I was snapping away like mad, just trying to take in the good stuff. Sure, every one of these sites has been documented six ways to Sunday–but not with the eyeball-melting cuteness of our little dudes in the foreground. 😉

Trying not to wear out anyone’s eyeballs, we’re breaking our shots into a few galleries & spreading them out a bit. Here’s one (HTML) we hope you enjoy. It depicts the crew shortly before & after getting doused at Bridalveil Falls; us visiting the “Dad-O Falls & Goonie Falls;” and Finn modeling his ubiquitous “acorn hat.”

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