What rocks (far from being the pits)

Being on the road at the moment, I’m delighted to get happy tidings from the home front. I enjoyed today’s update from Margot & thought you might, too. –J.

Some fun developments while you’ve been out:

  1. The cherry pitter! I was eating cherries yesterday and offered Finn some. I decided to pit them so he wouldn’t have to deal with either choking or trying to spit the pits out. He was (is) fascinated with the pitter and he even pitted a few himself (with my help on squeezing).
  2. Being rocks [a la the clever monkey Zephir hiding from the Gogottes in Babar & Zephir]. This morning Finny, Henry, and I were all hiding under the rock disguise [green blanket from Grandma L.]. Henry was pretty excited about it!
  3. Henry slept until 7am!!!

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