Of Corndogs & Fatherhood

Father’s Day with the Nack boys was a lot of fun. Sunday marked John’s first Father’s Day with two squires! We packed in as many kid-friendly adventures as possible. Here’s a little gallery (HTML) of the day’s proceedings, including Dad-o and Finny enjoying Dad-o’s surprise piece of chocolate cake, our visit to Wienerschnitzel for corndogs (at Finny’s request), and some late afternoon pool-time in the backyard.

Henry was working on his ballet moves and sunning his tummy, while Finny was primarily interested in bailing out the pool and watering the grass. You’ll see Leo sunbathing on the backyard stair-rail, necessitated by Finny’s sly dunking of Leo in the pool in an effort to give him a bath! Between catching some rays and a little time in the dryer, Leo was dry and ready for bedtime at the end of the day.

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Yeah, we should start calling Henry “The Face” because he really makes such distinct expressions!

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