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A little learning…

Hmm... it's getting harder to pull the wool over Finn's eyes. Last night he was poking at a little plastic locomotive he'd dug out of his closet--one that I predicted (correctly, it turns out) would make a horrible racket if armed with batteries. He's been asking about the train for a few days ("Check out the little speaker, Dad-O! How does it work?"), and last night I tried to give him more run-around:

Dad-O: "Well, we'd need some batteries."
Finn: "They're in the drawer over there!"
D: "Oh, okay. Well, it looks like we also need a screwdriver..."
F: "There's one in the closet in the kitchen!"
D: "Yeah, but I need a tiny one..."
F: "It is a tiny one!" [proceeds to prove it]
D: "Oh, uh... really?"
F: "I knew that! I know everything!"

...and modest, too! ;->

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