Big G Videos

Land of Lincoln

Okay, I know it’s like pitching one scoreless inning & then claiming a perfect game, but our little compadres have been great travelers so far. We’re in Big G. & the dudes are napping nicely after some walnut gathering (“Grandpa’s got a robot arm!”), golf cart driving, and snack ingesting. Yesterday we stopped by Margot’s Uncle Lyman & Aunt Brenda’s house in Rock Falls, getting to see them and their daughter Kristan. It was great seeing everyone, and later we made it to Galena just in time to see a steamroller & paver (driven by my sister-in-law-to-be’s aunt) resurfacing Grandma & Grandpa’s street; score!

I’m typing fast before the guys wake up, but for now here’s a video of Uncle Ted, a volunteer ambulance driver, rolling up in his big rig. I just regret that I stopped recording before driver Finn explained that “Goonie’s leg is all goofed up. It broke off, and now we have to take him to the doctor!”

Later at the ambulance garage, he was *fascinated* by the fact that when the ambulance is plugged into the wall, turning the key causes the plug to go shooting off lest one drive away with it still attached.

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