Not entirely clear on the concept

Lately Finn’s been throwing around some more advanced words (e.g. out of the blue: “I’m not going to have a meltdown today”), and I’m kind of charmed when he doesn’t completely grasp the details. A couple of recent examples:

  • “Safekeeping”: Finn likes to hide important objects (particularly Leo) in obscure, often dicey spots, ostensibly for “safekeeping.” Combinations of fragility & precariousness (right by the front door, etc.) are especially popular. “I’m putting your iPad in the sink for safekeeping, Dad-O!,” he proudly declares.
  • “I wouldn’t mind…”: The little guy is so kind & patient as to “not mind” if you were to do just what he wants/asks. “I wouldn’t mind if you made me a bunch of bacon, Dad-O,” he says. What an accommodating fella. 😉

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