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Firing for Effect!

Tonight it was my turn to be the recipient of a spontaneous, unexpected love-bomb shower from Finny. We'd just done our story and were lying in bed (at his request) for a few minutes to do "talk a little bit." All of a sudden he reached over, gave me a big hug around the neck and said "I love you so much, Toad!" (Toad is one of the characters in the Thomas vids). He continued, "I really really love you a lot" and then proceeded to snuggle up and lay on the smooches and more hugs. Yowza! Talk about a terrific feeling. Rainbows and shooting stars! I of course returned all that affection with even more hugs and smooches, and then bid him sweet dreams. I think my dreams will be pretty sweet, too.

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  1. Amazing! There is seriously nothing better than hearing a genuine “I love you” from your child. All of the sudden *you* become the needy one asking for “More! More! More!”. Great stuff!

  2. Beautiful! You’re raising an amazing and loving young man there, M. xoxo

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