Independents’ Day

The gents and I just wrapped a fun bachelors’ weekend as Mom-O jetted off to New York for a few days with her friend Alethea. Saturday saw us logging major time at multiple parks (chase those hens, Hen! wait, they’re chasing you!), while on Sunday we helped pals Bettie & Quade celebrate their third birthday (complete with some piƱata-whacking by Finn). A few pics and videos to follow soon, I hope.

The notable thing is just how independent Finn has started to get. I’m used to Henry rocketing off and/or playing by himself, but Finn has tended to stick to me like white on rice. At the park, however, he cruised off on his own towards some play equipment, leaving his brother and me stranded (sandwich bits strewn all over) out of sight. Once we regained contact, he chose to keep playing on a rather distant slide while the G-Man bounded off elsewhere. And at the party on Sunday, he’d periodically go off and explore with trucks and other toys for what felt like 10+ minutes at a time. Inevitably he’d have little existential freak-outs and start tearfully calling for me, but on the whole he’s really taking new steps.

I write all this solo, appropriately enough, from a gorgeous spot just across the Golden Gate from SF. I’m here for an off-site work event, and I could swear someone has set up outdoor speakers to pipe in seagull chatter and fog horns (nautical authenticity a go-go!). It’s a nice breather from SoloDad duty, but it’ll be nice to give the independence a rest and get the gang back together tomorrow.

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This morning Finny offered a very detailed and accurate description of the pinata festivities at B&Q’s party. I was so impressed with his recall and ability to describe it all so well! He also asked about Kristen–when had she arrived, did she go home after I came back, etc. He and Hen are now enjoying their NYPD diecast cars with Tiffy & Tyler. (The taxi- and elephant-shaped cookies from NYC were very rapidly enjoyed!)

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