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Adrenaline Junkie Finn!

When it comes to physical daring, our big guy tends to take after his dad, being cautious maybe to a fault. That's why I was so pleased today when, after a little hemming & hawing, he agreed to ride the roller coaster at nearby Happy Hollow park. Despite its small size, I started having flashbacks to age four, when a treacherous "kiddie" coaster was so intense that it blew my mom's contact lens right off her eyeball! So, how did Fearless Finnster do? You be the judge:

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  1. Q went on this for the first time last week and thought it was pretty fantastic also. Love the squeals at 0:50 Congrats on your newly converted roller coaster enthusiast. I can’t wait to see Henry’s reaction video when he’s old enough to ride.

  2. John, You are making him into his cousins with the thrill of heights and speed. I was chuckling watching his expression–he is ready for more.

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