If Henry someday shoots, I dunno, let’s say President Boehner, people will ask, “Gee, did you ever see it coming?” And everyone who knows Hen will quickly answer, “Oh yes, that’s all he talked about: ‘Getboehner, getboehner, getboehner…!'” In other words, the G-Man gets *reeeeal* focused and obsessive.

Lately he’s utterly focused on garbage cans (pronounced “kahns!!”). For the last couple of weeks he’s constantly begged to go to the window (“Blue one! Black one! Wheels! Tip over! Oh *no*!!”), go outside to push, pull, and inspect cans (“Empty! Water! GarBAAZH!”), and generally discuss them at length. He was so sad when the neighbors finally rolled in their cans, mourning them like phantom limbs. When the baby monitor crackled to life this morning, “Kahns!!” was the first word out of his mouth. And after our little morning visit, he spotted Margot’s Kandinsky print (see above) and announced, “Kahns!!”

So, to any Secret Service folks who might end up reading this, just remember: Keep the kid stocked in Rubbermaid & we’ll have no problems!

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I Kahn see the resemblance to trash cans in the painting–can totally see where Hen is coming from! Great transfer of information on his part! 😀

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