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Basement Naxx

We were delighted this week to see our friends Adolfo, Romina, & Bruno as they visited from Argentina ("Argentunafish"). As I was still in Germany on Thursday, Margot reported that after dinner the boys played in the basement & "spoke the universal language of Thomas." (Bruno is a *big* Toby fan.)

Yesterday the guys came over again & we enjoyed some more basement time before having a "meat hut" picnic in the park, complete with some impromptu face-painting. We'll have more photos & maybe a video to share soon; in the meantime, here's a great shot Adolfo captured of me & the G-Man (click for a larger version).

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  1. Tell me more about this ‘meat hut.’ I’m intrigued.

    [Heh–come and see (or rather, taste) it yourself sometime! –J.]

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