Marathon Photos

More giant tree adventures

If you’re going to drive hundreds of miles with small children, then lie in bed for hours while one jumps excitedly on each of your outstretched arms… well, you could pick a far worse destination than redwood-rich Northern California.

Our trip up to Fortuna, CA saw us…

  • stopping off to drive through the colossal Chandelier Tree
  • picking up a toy ice cream & VW for the boys (“Like… Jose’s Beetle!” says Hen)
  • stopping for lunch beside a monster truck school bus, where the guys climbed onto a forklift (“Driving Guido!” from Cars)
  • losing the ice cream truck at a gas station (big freak-out!!)
  • amazingly, finding the truck at the same station the next day!!*
  • listening to Henry narrate the Avenue of the Giants (“Tree tipped over, Dad-O. Scooper [garbage] truck did it.”)

Without further ado, check out the gallery!

* Finn recounted the experience rather breathlessly to Mom-O: “I was just so excited about it, I couldn’t even give the truck a smooch!!”

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