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John has been away in Germany all week, so I have been solo-parenting. This sometimes means that the guys get to watch a little more TV than normal because it lets me get a few things done around the house either before I leave for work or before the kids go to bed. They'd watched a couple pre-bedtime episodes of "Mighty Machines" (so Mom-o could clean up the kitchen and get laundry going without stumbling over toddlers!), a program they really enjoy. Basically they're 30 minute-long shows about various gigantic vehicles in action--in mines, at airports and fire stations, in forests, and at cement plants. To say the guys love Mighty Machines is an understatement.

Last night, our last solo-mom night, Henry had already gone to bed, and Finny approached me.

F: "I want to watch Mighty Machines before bed!"
M: "I don't think so, buddy. It's pretty late, and besides, you've watched a lot of TV this week already. I think we'll skip TV tonight."
F: "But I want to watch TV before bed every night like you and Dad-o do."
M: Speechless. Sort of ashamed, and embarrassed! Thinking about what a lame role model I am! Seriously reconsidering my TV-watching habits!


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