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Target, Land of Enchantment

Boy, I guess we must go to Target more than I imagined: Henry's lately started volunteering the opinion that things--anything!--could be gotten at that store. Reading some Richard Scarry tales the other day, he noted--in his halting, weirdly William Shatneresque way--"Dude's hat... popping off... Got it... at Target." And later, when Mommy Cat burned up Pa's shirt with her iron, Hen suggested, "Get another one... at Target."

Target execs, if you need a sub-3ft pitchman, you know where to reach us (presumably at Target!).

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  1. My big bro has worked for Target for about a decade. Mind if I share with him? He’s got a stressful desk job at corporate like the rest of us. I’m guessing he’d appreciate the picture 🙂

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