Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms (Henry Vol. 3)

At risk of burning you out on these things, here are a few more Henry-isms gathered over the last several months:

  • As we listen on speakerphone, the conference call system says, “Press the pound key.” “Press the palm tree!” grins Henry. “Robot lady said it!”
  • “You crushed me, Dad-O,” says poor Hen, clutching the paw I grazed. “Could you not crush me, Dad-O?”
  • Ear nose & throat:
    • On the way to Tahoe, high altitude is messing with Henry’s head: “I need new ears, Dad-O! Take off these ones!”
    • Henry points to his nose: “This a tree. Bird in it.” Draws mom’s finger to his nostril: “Mom-O get out the bird.”
  • Vehicles:
    • “There’s Boeing Constrictor, Dad-O,” notes little Henry. “That’s not an A320.” My boy!
    • As I playfully ram my head into Henry’s back, he shakes his head: “You’re not a tramp steamer, Dad-O.”
    • “I’m a scooper truck” reports Henry, tapping his butt. “I have metal here–in my cheeks.”
  • G-Man considers YouTube: “I would like some… Foxy Lady. I would like… more Garth.”
  • No more tears:
    • Little Henry rubs his eyes, claims not to be crying: “I’m just movin’ my eyeball.”
    • Me: “Did you have a nice day, Henry?” H: “Yeah. I was shrieking.” Me: “You were shrieking?” H: “Yeah. CoCo says, ‘No shrieking.'” Wise lady.

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