Busted! (Again & Again)

Poor Calvin’s dad. Growing up I never understood why, when asked over & over to read Hamster Huey & the Gooey Kablooie, he’d groan & roll his eyes. I get it now.

For the last several weeks (months? millennia?), Henry’s insisted that I “tell the Mater story,” recounting Rescue Squad Mater (see below) from memory. I’m a pretty transparent guy, and I guess I must’ve muttered some complaint after the thousandth telling. Today as I put him down for a nap, I thought I’d gotten away clean–until from the darkness I heard “I would like the Mater story, Dad-O!” As I was busy palming my face and heading back into his room, Henry added gleefully “…again and again!” Busted! ;-P

Ah well; someday, I know, the last thing the guys’ll want is to hear stories from the old man. For now I try to enjoy it, again and again.

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“As I was busy palming my face and heading back into his room”
– Oh that sounds ALL too familiar. I’ve soooo been there.

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