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I fondly remember my dad delighting me with bedtime stories, devising ever more elaborate tales of “Mrs. Mootsy” the rabbit, our colorful neighbors the Mosers, and more. We never recorded or transcribed any of them, of course, so the details are lost to history.

Finny & I carry on the tradition via something we’ve dubbed “T.A.L.B.,” short for “Talk A Little Bit.” This nightly ritual started as a recap of the day, but Finn quickly morphed it into a chance to get a bonus (and custom-made) story. Over the last year+ we’ve covered an insane amount of ground (War and Peace? short & simple compared!). Lately the stories have centered on Mr. Elefante (the elephant who lives in an apartment in the bathroom wall) and his friend Rooster, plus the neighbor cats (Tuxie & Samantha) and their endless attempts to turn Rooster into a delicious “chicken sandwich.” Putting posterity way ahead of dignity, here’s just one little slice of the story. Click the little gray arrow to play:


If for some reason that doesn’t work (e.g. you’re on an iPhone), here’s the direct link to the audio file.

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What’s not to love about this? Your boys are so lucky! Fav parts – “cat coming up…meow”, “no no no can’t snuff the rooster”, and “you wretched gatos”. Pure awesomeness!

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