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Transient Witticisms: Literal Deliciousness

  • Food & Drink:
    • Finn wakes me up: "Dad-O, for breakfast I'd like a hobo sandwich."
      "A... what?," I ask.
      "Yeah," he says, "it's lettuce, hobo, cheese, and broccoli. Let's go to the train yard!"
    • "Trees have nests for birds & squirrels," Henry notes.
      "Yeah," adds Finn, "and cupboards have nests of dishes."
    • "Dad-O, a sucker would be delicious for Leo," Finn opines. "It'd blow his mind--and his mind is made of meat!!"
    • Finn overhears me saying that in German housing there was "no bubble." He's incredulous: "The Germans don't have agua??"
    • Finn's skeptical that Leo could've been bathed/dried so fast. (Margot swapped Leos.) "I guess Mom-O must've put him in the panini press..."
  • Gettin' Literal:
    • "A ten-story building?" asks a quizzical Finn. "Somebody must've stacked up a lot of books!"
    • Henry: "Dad-O, I dreamed about airplanes! They were flying."
      Me: "Cool! And what were you doing during the dream?"
      Henry: "Sleeping."
    • "Dad-O," asks Finn, "can you get your blog out off your computer and put it onto your head?" (Interesting visual…)

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