Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: From Crookdegarten to Schwarzenegger

  • Terminology:
    • “Dad-O, do kid crooks go to kindergarten?” asks Finn. “Yeah,” says Henry, “it’s called ‘Crookdegarten!'”
    • Finn’s telling Margot about “the South”: “It’s hillbillies driving in circles all day. They call it ‘NICECAR.'” (I’ve taught him well.)
    • “Mom-O, we’re not getting you any cake for Mother’s Day,” says Finn, “just some sand & a bag of guff!” (“Is guff Gummi?” asks Henry.)
    • Finn’s increasingly fascinated by Schwarzenegger. “Do *ost*riches also come from *Aust*ria?”
    • “Look at that plane pulling a frog book!” Henry says, seeing a plane towing a Geico gecko banner.
  • Aviary:
    • Finn on nature this AM: “Dad-O, I hear birds tweeting! I think they’re using Twitter! (Can you tweet that?)” Love the monster we’ve made 🙂
    • Finn & I are exploring nature.
      Me: “Hear those birds tweeting, bud?”
      Finn: “Yeah–I think they have tiny iPads.”
  • Exercise:
    • “Do more sets, Dad-O!!” insists my 4yo weight trainer. “You’re doing that resting thing where your heart gets all small!”
    • Nudist Finn is attempting to “skate” across our room on Perfect Push-Ups, all while singing Rocky’s theme. “Getting *strong* nooow…” That’s my boy!
    • Finn swings by, bends over, and kisses my chest. “I’m giving you a peck on the pec!” he explains.

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