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Sunday Training

It's hardly a secret that our dudes dig all things railroad (note to self: Post birthday Lego pics ASAP!), but even I didn't know they could get this into "training": the boys spent easily two hours today attending to "Little Buttercup," an 1899-vintage steam engine on display at San Jose's History Park.

No snack breaks, no potty shots could stay these intrepid workers from the greasy completion of their self-appointed rounds. Back and forth they went, toting every filthy bolt, nut, "dipstick," and piece of wood they could find to "Engine" (as they named "him"). We were aided & abetted by the almost-as-old retirees who patrol the shed (read: drink coffee & grumble about Obamacare). The boys would shove bolts into holes, pile up wood on buffers, etc., and I'd reward them with a booming "Oh, thanks, guys--I feel much better!" Again, this went on for hours... Here's a little photo gallery.

At last a conductor finally asked us to stop, and the guys were pretty crushed: "I miss Engine!!" they blubbered almost all the way home. (Let's blame the lack of food & nap a bit, too.) Still, we had a pretty terrific time; Engine now features prominently in T.A.L.B.; and the guys can't wait to drag Mom-O back to the shed. (Hah, tag, you're it, hon!)

Oh, that reminds me: Margot is in Europe this week (hence the lads' free-range filth exploration), and this morning she sent a note detailing her ride on an electric train in Oslo. The guys loved it, as you'd imagine, drawing a fun response from Henry. Here, have a listen:

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(In case the gray triangle above doesn't work for you, here's a direct link to the audio file.)

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  1. Next time I’ll get them an oil can : (

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