Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: Decapitation, Allergies, & NASA’s Poop

  • Li’l gasbag Henry is making excuses: “I have allergies, Dad-O. That’s why I keep farting on you.”
  • Vehicular:
    • I attempt to explain mid-engine vs. rear-engine cars to Finn. Eyeing a Porsche 911 he says, “So, it’s got room for kids??” Don’t get your hopes up, lad!
    • I’m trying to convince Henry that the big red-brown thing the Shuttle drops (its external fuel tank) is not, in fact, a turd. (Seems he’s not buying it.)
    • Our impatient boys are miffed: “Dad-O, preschool never teaches us how to drive real cars!!” I say there’s time. “But when–kindergarten!?”
  • The 400 Blows:
    • Pool-nudist Finn doesn’t appreciate my playful swatting. “Hey, this isn’t a butt-cheek fiesta!” he scolds.
    • “Dad-O, can we play?” asks Finn, contemplating a toy hammer. Then he smiles: “Could we maybe decapitate Henry?”
  • “We’re Irishmen,” the boys announce out of the blue, “named Gerry & Mike.” Er, okay‚Ķ #GoIrish!

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