Boastin’ some coastin’

At long last Henry has surpassed the all-important 36-inch mark. Why all-important? Because that’s when a guy gets eligible for a whole lot of rides!

Hen had been patiently waiting for his chance to ride the fancy Pacific Fruit Express Family Roller Coaster at Happy Hollow. Despite being a bit peevish in general, he’s always done well with this kind of mayhem. For example, when he was two we took the boys on the Monster Kool Bus, and Henry wrapped up the ride by saying, “I crying, ‘Do it again!'”

Today we found that Henry’s tall enough to ride the coaster with a grown-up, and Finn’s old enough to ride by himself. Let the wild coasting begin!

For comparison/retro fun, here’s how Finny handled his first ride some 18 months earlier:

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