Offbeat Monologues in the Dark

For some reason a couple of months ago, Finn decided that once a month, Mom-O should do a sleepover in his room (cuddling with him all night). Never one to be left out, Henry decided that he should get a similar arrangement with Dad-O, and thus on Monday night we each headed to one of the dudes’ rooms.

Henry persuaded me quite foolishly to agree to stay in his room after I tucked him in, doing “homework” on my laptop in the lower bunk. Even after I shut its lid, he was so jazzed about my presence that he couldn’t stop monologuing into the darkness. Later I jotted down some of his bizarre utterances:

  • Dad-O, why do you love Manti Te’o so much?
  • I love Manti Te’o, too. We all do, ’cause we’re Irish people.
  • [singing] I just haaate my daaad doing home-worrrrk
  • Your computer keeps winking at me!
  • When do construction workers build volcanoes?
  • Lava & magma are cousins.
  • Sometimes when smoke detectors get dusty, they freak out.
  • I’m playing tricks with that light [crossing his eyes]. Do you see??
  • Air conditioning sprays out ghosts.

And so on, and on, for hours. I was of course tired, trapped, and frustrated (just go to bed, Goonie!!). And yet I finally just laid back & resolve to enjoy the ride. We won’t have the wee man just like this for long. 🙂

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