Tooth Fairy Facts, by Finnegan Nack

I had no idea about all this—did you?—but according to the newly de-incisored Finnster:

  • The tooth fairy lives in your heart.
  • When you lose a tooth, she flies up out of your mouth to get it.
  • Her husband is a strong dwarf who pries your mouth open.
  • Once you run out of baby teeth, you don’t see her again.
  • It’s unclear whether she reappears if you get old & lose teeth.
  • Your fairy is as old as you are. When you’re 80 years old, she’s 80 years old.
  • When she goes back into your mouth, a piece of money flies out of her pocket.
  • She puts your teeth into a big bag so that when she loses a tooth, she can put in one of yours.

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