Twin Lakes, Twin Moons

For our last full day in Leadville, the fam headed over to nearby Twin Lakes (near Twin Peaks) to take a boat tour that let us explore the historic Interlaken Hotel and surrounding area.

The highlight of the trip by far occurred during our return trip to shore. As we passed through the narrow channel between the lakes, a pair of hiking ladies & their large dog hailed our boat, looking for a quick lift to the other side. Little did we know that a 60-something German “naturalist” had shed his clothes & was swimming over to them. We got more than an eyeful as he popped out of the water to give the ladies a hearty “Gutenmorgen!” Thankfully he eventually covered himself with a rock & opted to duck back below the surface instead of coming aboard the boat. Too bad we didn’t ask him for a German word that means “The feeling of horrified delight that fills 9-to-13-year-old boys watching such a scene.” 😝

Here’s a little gallery (featuring only a half naked German) from the adventure.



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