Gone Fission

“Life’s as big as you make it,” I’ve often told the boys—so as much as I didn’t want to sign up for 4+ hours of driving on the spur of the moment Saturday, how could I turn down Henry’s suggestion that we do a little father-son Miata road trip to photograph the abandoned nuclear power plant up near Sacramento?

Hen, I should note, has a real fascination with the Chernobyl disaster (the 35th anniversary of which, we didn’t realize until later, was on Monday), up to the point of having watched the gripping HBO miniseries—at least until it got really dark.

Anyway, off we went on Saturday, and you can check out our little gallery here. And here’s to more spur-of-the-moment adventures, especially in the MZ!

I was especially taken with this shot Hen captured. It’s nice to see his photographic eye evolving!

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