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Thanksgiving leftovers

From our turkeys to you, Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

(Click for larger version.)

THX Pano


Happy Birthday, Uncle Ted!

Backseat wishes from the boys. ("Finny the director," notes Uncle Ted. :-) )



Undersea Squeegee

Finn expresses some reasonable concern for Monterey's Windex warriors. :-)


Undersea Squeegee

A video posted by John Nack (@jnack) onNov 11, 2014 at 11:07am PST


Kick a Brick

Throwback Thursday: Happy Henry at the Legoland Hotel, August 2013.



Halloween Leftover: Hoo Crew

Li’l pumpkin with pumpkin. :-)



Throwback: Father’s Day 2008

Here's another little animated memory surfaced by Google Photos, this time starring 3-month-old Finnster. :-)

Dad  Squirrel


Throwback Thursday: Dancing with Uncle Ted

Five-month-old Finn was one wiggly figure. :-)

Micro Finn Ted


¡Finnster en Español!

Check out our hombre pequeño reading con su mama!



Half Moon Play

Following our trip to the aviation museum, I drove the dudes to Half Moon Bay's famous pumpkin patches. It's something we'd wanted to do for years, but traffic horror stories kept us from chancing it. This year, though, with Mom-O in Seattle for the weekend, I figured, hey, I'm going to be on the hook for keeping these guys safe & entertained, so why not do so while they're physically restrained? :-)

I had fun filling the boys with sugar, then letting them burn if off by dead-lifting giant pumpkins & wheeling them around. Back at the ranch we applied kitchen knives, crowbars, and shovels to the pumpkin-carving process—and somehow no one lost a digit!

Check out the gallery from our adventure, and see also the crazy high-speed "hyperlapse" video below.

King Of The Stones



Haunted Hangar!

Last weekend the dudes & I checked out the Hiller Aviation Museum's Haunted Hangar event, featuring a witch dropping a pumpkin from a helicopter! We enjoyed a little scavenger hunt & some craft-making before the signature event. Check out the gallery plus this video of the drop:




Happy Hen-o-ween!

Stay tuned for fun & ghoulish pics. :-)



No Escape from the Caution Tape

You know that thing where you’re enjoying an ostensibly quiet Saturday afternoon on the couch, and then one kid comes inside insisting that you close your eyes, take his hand, and follow him outside to see what he’s done to his brother? Yeah, I know that thing. :-)


Caution Tape


Haircut Hooligans

Kids these days, with their crazy long hair…!

The dudes implored me not to take them for haircuts last weekend so that they could really do up their ‘dos for this past Friday's Crazy Hair Day at school. Check out Mom-O’s fun styling job:

Crazy Hair


Costume Party!

This year, the boys came up with the idea of throwing a costume party prior to Halloween. They even came up with games and ideas for party activities all by themselves! We invited lots of family and school friends over to party. We had a station for making "mummy hands," which were clear plastic gloves filled with popcorn and candy corn for fingernails. We played Pin the Spider to the Spider Web, where our small blindfolded contestants had to place their plastic spider the closest to the one in the middle of the web. We also played Halloween Bingo with candy corn and candy pumpkin bingo markers. The big finale was watching Hotel Transylvania while snacking on mummy hands, while all of us parents hung out and relaxed in the backyard.

Attendees included an Eskimo, some ninjas, a Pokemon, a zombie, some superheroes, the Flintstones, and even a family of pirates! A fine time was had by guests big and small, and it was a lovely, warm afternoon for a party. Here's a little gallery of the day's proceedings, complete with Admiral Henry and Private Finnegan.

Admiral Hen


I’m With The Band




Good Morning (USS) America!

Yesterday the boys were extremely excited to journey up to San Francisco at the invitation of my old Navy buddy, Commander Chris Peppel, to attend the commissioning of the brand-new USS America! They were so hyped the night before that they wanted to go straight to bed, with Henry announcing, "I'm going to get up, get dressed, and eat breakfast in the car!" We had a great time attending the ship & touring the new 45,000-ton ship (a small aircraft carrier—"small" being a strictly relative/only-in-America term!) and seeing Mr. Peppel. Here's a gallery from the visit, plus a very short video below.



Today’s Tom Sawyers

Remember the bit where Tom Sawyer sweet-talked all the neighborhood kids into whitewashing his fence, making them believe the chore was really a special privilege? I'm pleased to have pulled that stunt on the guys, turning them into crazed car-washing zealots!



Mega digs on the Minifigs

Among all the delights in our recent trip to Galena, a standout for all the kids (young & old alike) was when cousin Tony brought out his set of Legos & let us each build & arm our own minifigures! Even now, two months (!!) later, it's a ball to see these little parts (backpacks, katana swords, ghost bodies, and more) float by in the basement & remind the guys of Tony's generosity.

Check out a little gallery of the goings-on.



Beach Blanket Boogie

Henry greets you from Half Moon Bay via interpretive dance. :-)



Tigers burning bright

I’m clearly remiss in posting it, but on behalf of our newly minted first-grader & kindergartener, Happy First Day of School! :-)