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A Triptych of Turkeys

Oh, kids these days: They just get harder & harder to force into dinner! 🙂

With some camerawork help from Mom-O, the boys & I re-created some silliness from five Thanksgivings ago; see below and click for larger. Stay tuned for the 2020 installment, in which 12- and 11-year-old boys team up to stuff the The Old Man In The Bird!

Turkey Triptych


Throwback Thanksgiving: Young Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Our little jive turkeys join us in wishing you a joyous & restful holiday. Here’s a peek (gallery) at the lads as they looked five years ago today.



Funny Finny

Observing me lingering at home instead of hopping on my bike the other day, Finn asked, “Hey Dad, can I call you ‘Dingleberry,’ because I notice you keep hanging around.” :-p NewImage

The boy has been on a tear lately, working on puns for his classmate & periodically disappearing into his room to write jokes that he emerges to test out on us. Some recent faves:

  • “What kind of school does a Toyota go to? Prius-school."
  • “What do you call an otter that’s in the movies? Harry Otter.”
  • “What did the guy say when he was flying around on a magic broom? 'This really sweeps me off my feet.’"
  • “What did the chef use up on his new rolling pin? All his dough.”
  • “What state does the Easter Bunny live in? Egguador.”

Thank you, he'll be here all week! 🙂


In the words of FLN…

(A bored Finn, claiming "nothing to do" the other night)

F: "Well, I guess I'll just go ahead and do my homework, then."
Me: "Wow, kiddo, that's a great idea!"
F: "As Martin Luther King said, 'When you don't have anything to do, just do the right thing.'"
Me: "Really? He said that? How did you know about that?"
F: "Well...Martin Luther King didn't *really* say that. But it sounds like something he would say."


Throwback Tuesday: Foamheads

One man's trash is a smaller man's fancy headdress. Witness our style icons two years ago today. 🙂



Leafmaster General

Why hello there! Fancy a fistful of soggy leaves? 🙂



Ciudad de Papel

Not content these days just to draw (which they've been doing a ton!), the gents have lately tried their hand at papercraft, constructing little buildings & vehicles. Here you can see their latest cityscape, home to numerous Lego minifigs:


The Big Sleep (Over)

After weeks of anticipation, Saturday night finally arrived & brought with it Finn's first sleepover at a friend's house. Henry & I biked with him to his buddy Gavin's & dropped him off for an afternoon of pizza, movies, and horseplay.

To make Hen feel a bit less left out, Margot suggested the great idea of staging a little sleepover/campout in our room. We rigged up a little blanket pup tent & transported in some favorite Richard Scarry books, Legos, and even some candy corn popcorn (!!) found & sent by our pal Maria. I love seeing the photos of Hen & me reading together, as I'm reminded of reading the funny papers with my dad. (I'll have to dig up & juxtapose the photos!)

Here's a little gallery of our sleepover.



Big Time Carving

The guys have been patiently waiting over the last month to finally carve the giant pumpkins they picked out. (Unlike in the chilly Midwest, pumpkins out here tend to rot about 5 minutes after they're carved, so we had to bide our time.) Henry designed a pretty solid owl, though as you can see in the gallery, he spent much of his time eating himself under the table—literally—with all kinds of corn (pop & candy). Finn meanwhile enjoyed breaking out the little carving kit we bought and fashioning some kind of diabolical weirdo. Mom-O reports that both were a hit with visiting trick-or-treaters. 🙂



Throwback Thursday: Cowboy & Lionboy

Two years ago today. 🙂

Cowboy Lionboy


Rocket Men

On Saturday our intrepid scouts & I headed off to build & launch model rockets at "Rocket Into Scouting." Together with their buddy Emiliano & his dad, we (well, largely I) knocked together a few rocket kits while alternately wolfing down tacos & gluing our fingers together. Finn also tried his hand at a slingshot, firing dried beans into the great beyond, while Henry constructed a duct-tape wallet. Here are some shots of the day out.



Halloween 2015: Cone N’ Vaders!

Hen's traffic cone prayers have been answered: through Mom-O's help he's been transformed into a giant orange cone for Halloween! Finn is equally happy to have gone over to the Dark Side & become Lord Vader; Mom-O is resplendent in Dia de los Muertos make-up; and I'm discovering just how unforgiving a tight Star Trek tunic can be. ;-p Here's a little gallery from today's costume party at our friend Ella's house.



Throwback Thursday: Batter-Dipped Birdman

18 months old & licking a batter full of cookie dough? That's what we call getting a late start around here. 🙂 Finnster & Dad-O during Grandma Nack's visit in 2009:



Traffic Cone Reverie

Henry Nack, traffic cone enthusiast, gets himself into the zone for his upcoming Halloween stint as a giant cone. 🙂



Go Irish!

It's football season, and the guys have been cheering on the Fighting Irish right alongside Dad-O! Thanks especially to Grandma & Grandpa Nack for keeping them outfitted in blue, gold, and green. 🙂


Other Irish-y bits from history:

Oh, and let's hear it from the (much younger) guys themselves: Go Irish!


Throwback Monday: Retro pumpkin chomps

On this day, seven years ago, Finn tried a little bit of pumpkin (specifically the stems) while hanging out with our brand-new neighbor Maddie. Check out the shots below, as well as in this old gallery from the day.




Remembering Grandma Liggett

The boys are sad, as we all are, at the passing of their beloved Grandma Liggett this past week. They keep mentioning the good times they had with her, so I thought it would be nice to show a little gallery compiled from Finn’s arrival onward.

Grandma Collage


Micro flash mob: It’s a Thriller!

On Friday Willow Glen's cutest zombies stage a flash mob outside the yogurt hut. In addition to the video below, here's a little set of photos I snagged before running back to work.


Throwback Saturday: “Jota!!”

Two years ago today, kindergarten vocalist Finn demonstrated his new knowledge of the Spanish alphabet, sung in the style of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell:

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Throwback Thursday: Five years ago in Big G

Ingredients: One cackling Hen...

...one free-wheeling looen...

...and one claw-wielding Doctor of Doom & Destruction 🙂 :