Hot air & B-day pix

During our trip to Galena, my folks sprung for one of the most memorable birthday gifts ever: a hot air balloon ride over the Galena Territory & surrounding farmland. (Nothing says “birthday” like terrorizing livestock from above. :-)) Margot and I were joined by Ted and his girlfriend Stephanie on an absolutely picture-perfect evening–speaking of which, here’s a photo gallery (HTML).
The next night we celebrated my birthday & Finn’s arrival at home with the Nack clan and our friends the Roths. When Aunt Dolores and Uncle Louie met Finn in SF a month after his birth, I managed to forget our camera; now I had a chance to make up for lost time. So, Aunt Dolores, if you’re reading, hello. 🙂 Here’s the gallery (HTML).

One reply on “Hot air & B-day pix”

We have been waiting to see ourselves!!! It was so much fun having everyone together, and getting to see the new additions to the family. Finn is just growing by leaps and bounds,and he is so cute. I’m sure his whole personality has changed after being in the great mid-west, we are a sturdy outstanding group of people.
I hope your next trip will be much less stressful. I think you were very brave to travel with a baby with all the turmoil in the airline industry.
I’m glad Obama picked Joe Biden, he has the necessary experience in foreign affairs and he is Irish—need I say more.
Have a great fall and enjoy Finn, he will grow up fast.
[Heh–good stuff, Aunt Dolores. –Thanks, J.]