Squirrels Gone Wild, Part Deux

I recently warned my friend and soon-to-be-dad Hughes that if he thought pets were bad about bringing out the goofiest in a person (stuff that’d cause your guy friends to disown you in a heartbeat), wait’ll he has a child. 😉 Margot sometimes asks what I’m chattering to Finn, and I have to assure her that it’s too ridiculous to repeat. Exhibit A: Our little “Managing the Danger” routine:

As it happens, both Margot and I are out of town today (her in Seattle, me in Las Vegas), leaving the small guy in Carol’s excellent care. Margot gets home late tonight, but I won’t see Finn again until Saturday–my first overnight absence since his birth. I miss him already, but I’m sure Ted Nack (due to join me here in a few hours) will help keep things interesting until I return on Saturday.

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