Babyslang Milestones

The Big Ocho

Today marks Der Finnster’s 8-month birthday. To celebrate (well, mostly coincidentally), he balanced on his feet unassisted for the first time! I had him up and tottering for a couple of seconds this morning, and this evening he was up for even longer. (I’d like to think it was for 8 seconds, a la bull riding. ;-))
In miscellaneous news, we’ve coined more Finn argot lately (building on the first installment from earlier in the year):

  • Up up up, up up up…: Finn has lately discovered the concept of “Up,” and he’s waaaay into our fascinating light fixtures. Every morning when Margot gets him out of the crib, his eyes make a beeline for the lights (even when they’re off). I feel like this should all be in some book–Their Eyes Were Watching GE or something.
  • ICAS: I’ve dubbed Finn’s little hooded PJ’s the “In-Crib Adventure Suit.”
  • DipeCon: You know how the military has five DEFCON levels to denote the current security situation? We’ve implemented a “DipeCon” system to inform each other of… well, the condition of our friend’s pants. Probably enough said. (Call it “Threat Condition Brown.”)
  • TEAR IT APART: This is what Finn will try to do with anything he can get into his clutches/mouth these days. He’s all about grabbing things (strings, leaves, napkins) and yanking them in opposite directions, ideally while holding them over his head. Where possible he lands some vicious blows with his 7 sharp teeth–great for ripping up little bits of rug while dad gets distracted. I keep imagining him saying, “Hey, that’s a great phone charger, Dad. Mind if I TEAR IT APART??”
  • Toro Leg: Now that he’s found his feet, our buddy likes to paw at things (grass, fringe on carpet, etc.) before putting any weight on them.

P.S. We can now add another “ocho” to The Big Ocho. Another tooth, his 8th, just broke through. –Notorious M.O.M.

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