Area Squirrel Bogarts Ice Cream (Film at 11!)

We had quite the full weekend with the Finn-man. Activities included everything from picnicking & burying feet in sand at Our New Favorite Park, to having pals Anja, Mira, and Bruce over for dinner, to going for a long & challenging walk around the Stanford radio telescopes (complete with second picnic!).
During dinner yesterday this little guy decided that he really, really likes ice cream, and he decided that our “sharing” approach should go like this: “One bite for me, and then one bite for Dad me, followed by one bite for me, and then one bite for me…” And you know, I’ve gotta say that kid is surprisingly strong when he wants something!
Here are a few photos (HTML) from the goings-on.

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i like the construction t- shirt with the dump truck on it!!! next time finnster is here i will take him for a ride in the real dump truck(yes john i suppose you can go!! ;)). i gotta get him some more caterpillar gear!

Finn likes ice cream? Must take after his dad. (Murray’s opened is open for the season again, here in KC. As fabulous as ever.)

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