F-14: Finnster Fourteen

“BeeBeardBoo, LightDogPolka…” Walking after Finn outside today, I found myself reciting little mnemonics, trying to make sure I could remember (and report) all his little goings-on. At exactly fourteen months of age, he’s one busy dude.

Recent stylings:

  • For Easter Grandma Nack gave Finn an animation-packed “Bee & Me” book, and now he can’t wait to get me across the street to our neighbor’s bee-infested fountain. He’s always pointing out the front window saying, “Bee!” (I’m a little worried he’ll get too friendly with the bees & at least one of us will learn a painful lesson, but there’s only so much I can do to prevent it.)
  • One bonus of visiting the fountain is the way we set off the neighbors’ dogs. Three of them start flipping out on command as we approach the driveway. Thus Finn often points out the window and says, “Ruff ruff ruff… Bee!”
  • For whatever reason, “Pat the Bunny” has re-entered our book rotation. Coincidentally, I’ve been slacking in the shaving department, and now after the “feel Daddy’s scratchy face” page, Finn comes over and strokes my stubble.
  • The small guy gets more & more into hide and seek, now loving to circle the dining room table and yell “Boo!” every time he emerges to make eye contact. We kind of love this game as it tires him out while letting us remain still.
  • Over the last few months, Finn has gone through phases of loving to touch light fixtures all around the house. Now he’s suddenly back in that game, but with a twist: he imitates the high-pitched “ding” produced by tapping the bulbs, and he wants to use specific objects (such as Leo) to do the tapping. Each day this week has started with him appearing in the bed with me, saying, “Leo… ding ding ding!”
  • From early on our boy has enjoyed playing “Tear it apart!”, zealously destroying paper towels, wrapping paper, etc. Now he’s into “SQUEEZE The Crap Out Of It!,” a new “game” that involves, well, squeezing the crap out of whatever’s available (e.g. Dad’s fingers). The hilarious part is the look of total concentrated effort–plus smiles–that comes over Finn’s face. He reminds us of Tarmo Mitt & other strongman competitors.
  • To my amazement, Finn seems to have figured out what polka dots are. We’ve been reading about Polkabats lately, and on a trip to the basement he pointed at a polka dot-painted trunk and said “Poka!” Later, looking at a spotted leopard in a book, he started saying “Poka” again. Harvard, we’re ready for that admissions form now. ;-P

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