Mucha Lucha!

Margot and I have a weird soft spot for “Lucha Libre,” aka masked Mexican wrestling. Knowing this, our friend Hughes’s mom Eileen got Finn both a tiny “luchador” mask and a whole calendar of luchador portraits. We have lots of fun putting the little mask onto a ceramic penguin, as well as going through the calendar to see “Los Matematicos” and more. (Well, it’s fun until the 700th or so time, at which point one of us has to hide the calendar under the couch.) Here’s a little gallery (HTML) of the goings-on.
On a related note, I think Finn may grow up with a warped sense of what the term “doctor” means. A few months ago he started checking out our little portrait of the wrestler “Dr. Wagner,” saying “DAK-dah!” I wonder whether he’ll think that “doctor” = masked wrestler, and if so, what he’ll think when we say we’re going to the doctor’s office. 🙂

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