Babyslang, Volume 6

Join us, won’t you, for another installment of What The Heck Are John & Margot Talking About??

  • KOBI: King of Bad Ideas. I used to wear this questionable crown more often, but I’m doing my best to ditch the title.
  • SAGI: Semi-Annual Good Idea. When not in KOBI mode, I manage to come up with the ever-so-occasional decent idea.
  • Nastication: Combines “Nasty” and “Mastication”–as in, Finny chewing on something just long enough to make it really gross, then displaying it to M&D (or trying to feed it to us!)
  • Geyser Permanente: Describes Finn’s copious, and eternal, drooling (back in style as he’s apparently getting in his eye teeth); rhymes with Kaiser Permanente.
  • Jacques the Monkey (with apologies to Peter Gabriel): Finn’s sock monkey, pal of “Rainer Maria Reendeer” (the reindeer from Reen).
  • CoCo: Finn-ese for “Carol”
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