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Auntie Laura

As I mentioned in a previous post, Auntie Laura was here for a visit last week while John was off to the dusty desert with the guys (Hoot! Matt! as Finn would say.)
Since John, our resident photographer and blog-post illustrator/gallery maker was away, my post did not have any of the photos or video footage from her visit. So I'm pleased to announce that at long last, we have photographic proof of her visit, and here is the gallery (HTML) to prove it :D.
And here's a fun little video of Finny and Auntie Laura singing the "Banana" song. Finn is obviously very pro-banana unification!

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  1. Bananas UNITE!
    [Dyslexics, UNTIE! –J.]

  2. What an awesome Auntie those lucky boys have!
    [Heh–we think so. –J.]

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