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Halloween Hijinks

We’ve had a great time celebrating Halloween with the boys this year. On Friday, we met up with a bunch of the parents and tots in my mom’s group for a group photo/costume appreciation party, and then we all headed up to Lincoln Ave. for the yearly costume parade and trick-or-treats at the local shops. Dad-o joined in the fun this year, and escorted San Jose’s smallest but most earnest luchador while I carried our little lion Henry around in the sling.
This evening Dad-o took Finny around to the neighbors’ houses for some trick-or-treating while Henry and I stayed home and started doling out candy to the early bird ghosts and goblins. Then John and Finny manned the front steps to hand out candy to the hordes of kids coming down our block while I got Henry to sleep. Then we swapped and I doled out candy in my Lucy Ricardo costume while a super-pooped Finny chose to bypass his nightly bath and bottle in favor of just getting quickly into bed. Once both guys were down, we handed out the rest of our candy, ordered a pizza, and collapsed on the couch! We counted over 300 trick-or-treaters, and only have about 3 pieces of candy left in the cauldron.
Here’s a little gallery (HTML) of Halloween pics and a few other assorted shots from recent days, including a visit from MrsW (“Hoot’s mama!”), provider of quality luchador-wear.
[Super Mega Bonus Edition: It’s fun to see pix of Finn at Halloween just a year ago (HTML), as well as to see a clip of his penguin-clad toddling! –J.]

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