Of Imps, Coyotes, and Klingons

Finn gets to be a funnier, wackier dude as the days go by:

  • Lately he’s started pointing at (seemingly) random things and excitedly declaring, “Imp! Imp!” Presumably he’s not seeing lots of lesser demons running around, so we’re kind of puzzled and charmed. In particular he identifies the little thermometer strip in Henry’s tub as “Imp.”
  • Speaking of that tub, Finn and I (and now Mom-O) like to play a game with the little valve in the bottom. We’ll unplug it, and I’ll reach through with two fingers that make a little biting motion. Finn yells “Coyote!!” and braves its maw with his fingers. The coyote celebrates success by howling (despite its mouthful of finger), much to Finn’s delight.
  • In an old episode of Star Trek, the human captain yells “KeeBLAH!” (“Goodbye”) at his Klingon crewman, who gruffly replies, “Goodbye, sir.” Well, you can guess what exchange Finny and I have been having lately, especially on his changing table. Audio file to follow. 🙂

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